About us



Ariaba is a contemporary accessories lifestyle brand established in 2010, offering exquisite jewellery, leather accessories, scented candles, fragrances, perfume oils, home accessories and more, all handmade by creative director and owner Linda Sodeinde.

Influenced by her rich African and Persian heritage and her global travels, each Ariaba piece is uniquely crafted using the best materials carefully sourced from different parts of the world.

Linda’s passion is designing accessories, which she started doing when she moved back to Nigeria from university in Paris. Initially, she began with leather accessories and slippers embellished with gemstones. The brand then evolved to include jewellery and fragrances to the product offering and is now the focal point for the Ariaba brand.

 Linda gets her inspiration from different cultures, periods, places and tradition. Ariaba combines traditional aesthetics with contemporary through the exploration of new materials and techniques. Having pushed the boundaries of traditional jewelry, its inimitable designs are timeless collectibles.